Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday: A Stay-In Day!

Hi all! 

Sorry for missing a post yesterday, but I was so busy I couldn't find time to share anything with you guys. I was up till 4AM with my best girlfriends planning our Florida trip. Yayyyy!! I'm so excited!!!! Less than a month left till the trip! :D 

Because of my lack of sleep, I slept in this morning and spent the rest of the day searching online for a cheap flight to Vancouver. It's so expensive! :( I took a break and had some Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Raspberry Swirl. Mmmmmmm^.^ 

I'll make sure to share some great stuff the rest of the week to make up for my lack of posts! (lol) Depending on where you are in the world, Sweet dreams!, Good afternoon! Good morning! (haha..I'm such a dork..) 

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Mini Vacay: Staybridge Suites!

Hi all!

I'm so happy for the past couple of days because I was able to relax in a mini vacation. Sunday night, I left the city for a small potential leader retreat in Pennsylvania. Staybridge Suites was very nice and super relaxing! There weren't too many other guests so we were able to have the pool, basketball court, and patio for ourselves (hehe..). Here's some pictures ^.^:

God blessed us so much on this trip because our suites got upgraded like 3 times! Yayyyyyy :D

My room (that I shared with 3 of my girlies)! 

Pool & Jacuzzi! Wooot! Too bad the Jacuzzi wasn't open yet :(. But we had the whole pool to ourselves though, so I guess it kind of made up for it ;p We had 2 hours to ourselves to freely relax, so I hit the gym for a half hour. Gotta work off the tummy! x; 

My sandwich!!! :D The BEST everrr (lol). And below that is apparently the 'Manwich' (haha..) We had a great dinner with sandwiches, salad, clam chowder, pizza, & parmesan bread bites. So much food :3
After dinner, we had girls' night and the guys had their guys' night. Massages and masks, Yay! :D

Staybridge Suites provides hot buffet breakfast, which was pretty nice. You like my Pacman waffe? (lol)

We picked some berries off one of the trees at the Suites, I think they're Mulberries?.. (lol) And look! Friendlies has an Ice Cream window! I never knew that! :D

Anyway, that was my relaxing mini vacay. It was the perfect recharge for this coming week.  Hope you had a great long weekend too!(:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Pedi: Minty Blue!

Hi all!

My manicure was so good that it's pretty much still unchipped! Isn't that awesome?(: Since my mani is still good, I'm posting a pedicure today ^.^

I call this Minty Blue. The color (excuse my weird toes.. hahaha) looks so cute! It's kind of pastel, but reminds me of minty gum (lol). The polish I used was the Japanese company, DHC's A12. It's a pastel blue with little sparkles inside, so it's shiny. I love this color and it matches with the purple from my Sparkly Halfsies mani! :D

I started with a bottom coat, then three coats of the color polish, and sealed it with a top coat. I made sure to cover the whole nail so that the polish will stay on longer, although my pedicures usually stay on for weeks without chipping.. (lol) Same as my manis, I never go to a nail salon for pedis. I always do my own because it's fun! (Go ahead to my Sparkly Halfsies manicure for more tips; they work for pedicures too!) ^.^


I just love the bottle design, it's a heart! (hehe..)
Anyway girlies, enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Big Bang Theory FTW: Sheldon Tshirt

Hi all! 

It's been a long day and I can't wait to share it with you, but I'm so tired and its so hot, I think I'm going to pass out any minute now. So before I knock out completely, I wanted to show you the t-shirt I saw on display at a store on my way home..

It's Sheldon!!!!!! :D Bazinga! hahahaha I love Sheldon and I'm totally hooked on Big Bang Theory! I always feel bad for Raj (he's so cute and shy) and I think Leonard & Penny should totally be together forever (lol!) 

Looking at this shirt, it reminded me of the episode where Leonard was trying to get Sheldon out of the kiddie ball pen (lol). That ep was so funny; Sheldon kept popping out from under and going "Bazinga!" while Leonard just lunges at him (haha..)

More about my adventure today later! I hope you're enjoying the 3-day weekend! Party party! Woot woot! ;D

Friday, May 25, 2012

Delish Eats: Red Lobster!

Hi all!

Sorry for the late post :(, I had such a long day. Anyway, enough of the sadness. It's time for some YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. (lol) My friend -- codenamed, The Panda-- and I went out for lunch today at Red Lobster, so I wanted to share my delicious adventure with you guys (I'm drooling as I make this post ;p). This won't be too long I hope! -- mostly pics. Enjoy ^.^!

Started with a Caesar salad! They make THE BEST ones. Just the perfect amount of the best Caesar dressing ever and the crunchiest croutons in the world!!!!! ^.^

New England Sampler. OMG THIS WAS AMAZINGCrab-stuffed mushroomsFried Calamari, and Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Scallops. OMG.. mmmmmmmm...

Red Lobster has the best biscuits, hands down! If I'm saying that then that means they're really good because I am not a biscuit person. 

Chef's Signature Lobster & Shrimp Linguine Pasta! Oh man.. I can't even begin about this dish. It was amazing and there's no other word to describe it. (lol) The sauce for this pasta was just great(: 

This is the 'Create Your Own Lunch' for $12.50 :D! We chose Fried Scallops and Garlic Shrimp Scampi with a Mashed Potato side. The shrimp was (a little too buttery, but..)freaking out of this world!!!! I was at Red Lobster a few months earlier for their 'All You Can Eat Shrimp' promotion and let me tell you, all of it was DELISH! (lol)

After lunch at Red Lobster in 42nd Street, we walked to Ktown in 32nd Street for Red Mango and my friend proceeded to try breaking my piggy bank by puchasing $15 worth of froyo -.-... 

Oh, I almost forgot! When we were leaving Red Lobster, there was a guy playing a GIANT electric guitar right outside the restaurant. (lol) It was so cool! And he was pretty good too(:
There was also this Nascar event going on in Times Sq today, but I wasn't able to catch any photos for you guys because I was running late. Sorry :(, I'll see if I can get some from The Panda to share!

So, that was my yummy lunch adventure today! I hope you enjoyed this short journey with me! ^.^

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jamba Juice $2 Fruit Refreshers!

Hi all!

Just wanted to share this coupon for Jamba Juice I found online. Only $2 for a sixteen size fruit refresher.

 I loooooooooooooooove Jamba Juice! (lol) This coupon is good for Strawberry LemonadeTropical mango (one of my faves!), and the new Watermelon Splash! Mmmmmm... I'm definitely stopping by a few times in the next few weeks (hehe..). The coupon started yesterday and it doesn't end till June 3rd!

Enjoy, my girlies(:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring & Summer 2012 Trends!

Hi all!

MY FINALS ARE OVER! Yayyyyyyyyy! (lol) Anyway, since it's the middle of Spring and almost Summer, I wanted to share a few fashion trends I've been seeing a lot lately. 

Pastel colors! Ooooooh I love pastel colors!(: This year, 'mint' is very popular and I'm not surprised because that color is just lovely.

Rose Gold Accessories! A nice rose gold watch is a simple, but greataccessory this Spring/Summer. This color will be a pretty match with pastels ^.^
Summer 2012 Trends: Rose Gold Accessories

Summer 2012 Trends: Rose Gold Accessories by bellaevey featuring rose gold earrings

Crossbody bags are perfect for Summer! They're lighter and can match any outfit. Great for trips or a day out
Summer 2012 Trends: Crossbody bags

Spring and Summer can be really hot, so jewelry can get tricky. If something is too chunky and big, it can feel heavy and icky. So I love wearing dainty jewelry and stud earrings because they're much lighter and very cute!
Summer 2012 Trends: Dainty Jewelry

Last, but not least ANIMAL PRINTS! I've been seeing this around lately, especiallyCheetah print. Animal prints can look really nice with pastel colors; it gives that pop of boldness. I usually wear casual chic outfits, but have one piece of bold accessory(:
Summer 2012 Trends: Animal Prints

Since I only have work now, I have a little more free time. So I'll be doing some shopping soon! YAYYYY :D (lol) I'll definitely have items in my wardrobe following these trends, but I'll be adding a few of my own because... Trends are for inspiration! So my girlies, be a trend-setter and inspire others! (^.~)

I didn't mention this in the list of trends above, but Maxi dresses are very popular this year too. Except I'm kind of on the shorter side, so I don't think they look great on me :/. If you girls have any ideas on how to wear them, leave me a Rawrr! Thanks(;

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainy Days..

... suck when I have to go to work :(.

Hi all! 

Today was supposed to be a rainy day, but when I walked out of campus, it was sunny!

VERY SUNNY! ugh, what! It's would've been great if I wasn't wearing my big, chunky Nine West rainboots! And then my day got worse.. 


-sigh- I'm so sad.. 

So on my way home after work, I went to the grocery store and bought strawberries.. 
and ICE CREAM! Cookies & cream and Butter Pecan :D

Mmmmmm.. And at least my finals are finished! hehe.. ^.^

I hope your day was better than mine :(. Have a good evening all~

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

//Under Construction//

Hi all!

After much thought and blog browsing, I decided to change my blog a little. There will be more sections and my focus will be food, travels, shopping, inspirations, and everything in between. Also a lot more photos! Yay!! There are just too many fashion and beauty blogs out there and I've always been the one to be different.

So please bear with me as I change and edit everything~
Thanks for tuning in!

Leave me a Rawrr if you have great ideas for me(;

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Online Shopping: Summer's Perfect Watch!

Hi all!

Happy Online Shopping Post Day! (lol I love this "new holiday")
Recently I've been looking for a new watch to wear in the Spring/Summer. My current watch is a gold Guess watch adorned with crystals circling the dial. I absolutely love it and it's definitely one of my most worn accessory pieces. But for the warmer seasons, the watch feels very heavy and chunky on my wrist and the gold tone and dark brown background just doesn't look right as my wardrobe colors become softer and lighter.

This Spring, Rose Gold is very popular. Not only is it in trend, but it's also a very beautiful pink color. I love it and it's a perfect color for the warmer seasons! After a lot of "researching" through hundreds and hundreds of watches, I have narrowed it down to aTop 10!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Strap 33MM   175.00
Marci Strap 33MM I love Marc Jacobs! Those who have read myCrossbody Bags post can kind of tell.. (lol) I really like this one because of the rose gold on grey here and I do like that it has a leather strap, which would be a nice changefrom my Guess watch. The only thing I don't like about leather straps are the imprints and creases left after a little while. :/

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci 36MM  200.00
 I really like this one a lot. It is a little more on the expensive side of the 10 watches, but it's so purtyyyyyy :3. I love the rose tint, itspinker than most and it just looks so simple yet classy at the same time. The dialisn't too big or thick, so it won't be too heavy or chunky on my wrist.

AK Anne Klein Round Leather Strap Watch  95.00
 This one  is more of a light pink than rose gold I guess, but it's still a great color for warm weather nonetheless. What I like about this one is the part connecting the dial to the straps. It makes the watch look and probably feel smaller and it's gives a different style from most watches.

AK Anne Klein Round Roman Numeral Watch  65.00

  I love this combination of colors -- rose gold, mother of pearl, pink leather, and crystal. Just like the Round Leather Strap Watch, the part connecting the dial to the straps really caught my attention. The Roman Numerals makes the watch different and overall I think it's very elegant~ (And just look at the price! It's definitely worth it! :D)

Betsey Johnson Floral Dial Watch  75.00

 I am in loooooooove with this one! It's so... PRETTY :D. I love the florals (Flowers for Spring? How original, Evey. haha..) and the colors! I just don't like that the strap is white. Creases and scuffs are seen a lot more clearly on white.

Betsey Johnson 'Lots 'n' Lots of Time' Swirl Dial Watch  135.00
 This one is so whimsical! And it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland (lol). This watch is also available with a white band, which looks really nice!

AK Anne Klein Single Diamond Bracelet Watch  125.00

 This one isn't really my style.. it's a little too fancy for me, but I know other girls would love it. This strap gives a unique distinction from other watches.

AK Anne Klein Round Bracelet Watch  110.00

  Totally loving this bracelet strap! It's so thinand slender^.^

AK Anne Klein Crisscross Bracelet Watch  75.00

 Look at all the sparkly crystals! (lol) This watch has a very elegant look, and I really like the crisscross pattern, it gives the bracelet more definition. Also, the rectangular mother-of-pearl dial gives the watch a nice shape.

AK Anne Klein Charm Bracelet Watch  125.00

 It's funny, I just noticed that many of the watches are AK. This one is obviously very different. It's cute, fun, and a little girly! A bracelet with charms is perfect for the fun Summer season.

Well girls, those were the Top 10! Now for 2 Honorable Mentions:

Betsey Johnson Crystal case & Patent Leather Strap Watch  95.00

Animal print seems to be very "in trend" this Spring, particularly cheetah and leopard print! This watch is definitely fun and bold, depending on what you wear, it could really work. I really love it, especially the ''where the '4' should be.

La Mer Multi Chain Bracelet Watch (in Rose Gold/Beach Stones)  176.00

 This honorable mention is so cute! I love that ismulti chain and the contrast between the leather band next to the chain and beads. It looks like you're wearing a watch plus a bracelet. I'm just afraid that it would be too much for Spring/Summer in the heat, but it is a great combo!(:

I've seen some girls wear their watch with a Tiffany bracelet, which looks really cute o; !

So there you have it ladies! Time to decide which one I want to get for myself :3 Which one do you think I should get? Let me know, leave me a Rawrr!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Finals Week! Aghh..

Hi all!

For some lucky college students, finals week is already over. But for others (like me.. boohoo!), it's just starting. Here's what I do to keep myself from going crazy during finals week. Hope my few tips help!(;

I LOVE ORANGE JUICE! It's the best thing to keep me awake. A lot of people use Redbull, Monster, 5 Hour Energy Drink, etc. I've tried them all, but they mostly give you energy for a few hours then you crash like crazy, feeling very sleepy and sluggish. Plus most of them do not taste good :< Orange juice is good for you AND it tastes good! OH YEAH! I drink it almost every day and I always drink the small carton one because the bottled one does not taste as good and the carton one just feels fresher, maybe because the bottled ones can be kept longer.

The next best thing is soda, especially Coca-cola or Schweppes Ginger Ale. The carbonated drink and it's sugar keeps me awake really well and plus, I love Ginger Ale! ;P

I always drink Arizona Green Tea. I absolutely love it! It's not too sweet and it's delish. Drinking it cold helps me stay awake^.^

Taking small breaks are very important. It gives your mind time to refresh a little and your eyes to rest. Take your mind away from the paper you are writing or the material that you are studying. Try to focus on calm and peaceful things like clouds floating by in a blue sky or your warm, soft bed with fluffy blankets. Mmmmm.. I drifted off a little myself just now (lol). I know it sounds sappy or cliched to "think of happy things" (haha..), but having a calm peaceful mind will help you recharge for the more studying or paper-writing!

During this time there are also a few stretches that you can do..

 It only takes a short time, so you won't get too sidetracked, but still can refresh yourself a little. While you do your stretches, keep your eyes closed so they can rest too and roll them clockwise 5 times and then counter-clockwise 5 times. You can also try looking far away or somewhere in the distance, preferably at something green.

.... ICE CREAM!!!!!! It's cold and yummy, what more do I have to say? Haha.. It's definitely a sweet treat during hardcore studying. Hardcore studying is necessary, but it's also good to take a few breathers in between.

 Rocky Road, my favorite^.^. Rich chocolate, soft marshmallows and crunchy almonds~

These are only a few short tips, but I hope you liked them. (:
Good luck studying!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Mani: Sparkly Halfsies!

Hi all!

Since a new week is beginning, it is time for a little manicure! (lol) I have never ever paid for a manicure before because I mostly do them myself and on the rare occasion, a friend would do them for me. I find no reason to pay someone to do my nails because I love doing my own nails. I get to do whatever design I want to and I can "practice my skills" (haha). So here it is; this week I went for a purple and silver sparkles^^.

 I call it Sparkly Halfsies! Enjoy!

After I wiped off my previous polish (I just used regular nail polish remover you can find in drugstores like Duane Reade or CVS), clipped, and filed my nails to the length I wanted. I started with an easy base coat -- Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat.

 I absolutely love this polish. It's a little bit more expensive than most (I think about $7?), but it was definitely worth the purchase because my nail polish looks a lot better, it stays on longer as well, but it's not too hard to wipe off.

Next, I used a medium purple color (C08) from the Japanese company, DHC that my aunt bought me from Hong Kong.

 I really like this color because one, I lovepurple and two, this color isn't too light or too dark.

 I put on one coat first, let it mostly dry and then do a second coat. This way the polish will stay longer on my nails.

 The last polish I used was this clear one withglitter and sparkles. It is also from DHC, code C13.

 The reason why I called this 'Sparkly Halfsies' is because I only put the glitter polish on a little more than half of each nail. I always leave each layer to dry before continuing to the next layer so that the polishes don't mix and my nails would dry faster in general. After the glitter layer dried, I put on the last coat -- a nice covering of top coat. I always make sure to cover the edge of my nails as well so they don't chip so easily.

 That's all for this Sunday's manicure! I hope you enjoyed & thanks for stopping by ^.^!




Don't forget to leave a Rawrr & stay tuned for tomorrow's post!(:
&& Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there~