Monday, May 14, 2012

Finals Week! Aghh..

Hi all!

For some lucky college students, finals week is already over. But for others (like me.. boohoo!), it's just starting. Here's what I do to keep myself from going crazy during finals week. Hope my few tips help!(;

I LOVE ORANGE JUICE! It's the best thing to keep me awake. A lot of people use Redbull, Monster, 5 Hour Energy Drink, etc. I've tried them all, but they mostly give you energy for a few hours then you crash like crazy, feeling very sleepy and sluggish. Plus most of them do not taste good :< Orange juice is good for you AND it tastes good! OH YEAH! I drink it almost every day and I always drink the small carton one because the bottled one does not taste as good and the carton one just feels fresher, maybe because the bottled ones can be kept longer.

The next best thing is soda, especially Coca-cola or Schweppes Ginger Ale. The carbonated drink and it's sugar keeps me awake really well and plus, I love Ginger Ale! ;P

I always drink Arizona Green Tea. I absolutely love it! It's not too sweet and it's delish. Drinking it cold helps me stay awake^.^

Taking small breaks are very important. It gives your mind time to refresh a little and your eyes to rest. Take your mind away from the paper you are writing or the material that you are studying. Try to focus on calm and peaceful things like clouds floating by in a blue sky or your warm, soft bed with fluffy blankets. Mmmmm.. I drifted off a little myself just now (lol). I know it sounds sappy or cliched to "think of happy things" (haha..), but having a calm peaceful mind will help you recharge for the more studying or paper-writing!

During this time there are also a few stretches that you can do..

 It only takes a short time, so you won't get too sidetracked, but still can refresh yourself a little. While you do your stretches, keep your eyes closed so they can rest too and roll them clockwise 5 times and then counter-clockwise 5 times. You can also try looking far away or somewhere in the distance, preferably at something green.

.... ICE CREAM!!!!!! It's cold and yummy, what more do I have to say? Haha.. It's definitely a sweet treat during hardcore studying. Hardcore studying is necessary, but it's also good to take a few breathers in between.

 Rocky Road, my favorite^.^. Rich chocolate, soft marshmallows and crunchy almonds~

These are only a few short tips, but I hope you liked them. (:
Good luck studying!

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