Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Pedi: Minty Blue!

Hi all!

My manicure was so good that it's pretty much still unchipped! Isn't that awesome?(: Since my mani is still good, I'm posting a pedicure today ^.^

I call this Minty Blue. The color (excuse my weird toes.. hahaha) looks so cute! It's kind of pastel, but reminds me of minty gum (lol). The polish I used was the Japanese company, DHC's A12. It's a pastel blue with little sparkles inside, so it's shiny. I love this color and it matches with the purple from my Sparkly Halfsies mani! :D

I started with a bottom coat, then three coats of the color polish, and sealed it with a top coat. I made sure to cover the whole nail so that the polish will stay on longer, although my pedicures usually stay on for weeks without chipping.. (lol) Same as my manis, I never go to a nail salon for pedis. I always do my own because it's fun! (Go ahead to my Sparkly Halfsies manicure for more tips; they work for pedicures too!) ^.^


I just love the bottle design, it's a heart! (hehe..)
Anyway girlies, enjoy your day!

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