Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TV Wednesday: Criminal Minds!

Hi all!

Just a short post this morning because I just had to let it out after last night's episode of Criminal Minds. Wow, what an intense episode! I can't believe they faked Prentiss' death.. It was crazy! Even though she didn't really die, but that part of her did and to her team, whom were like her family, she was dead. At least she "died" doing a good thing, but still! Man.. I was crying when they were at her funeral (I know, its stupid cuz she's still alive, but the team doesn't know that..) I guess Agent Seever will sort of "take over" her spot on the team. -sigh- She will be missed very much :'(

Anyway, thats all! (lol)
Have a fabulous day!^^

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