Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Online Shopping: Summer's Perfect Watch!

Hi all!

Happy Online Shopping Post Day! (lol I love this "new holiday")
Recently I've been looking for a new watch to wear in the Spring/Summer. My current watch is a gold Guess watch adorned with crystals circling the dial. I absolutely love it and it's definitely one of my most worn accessory pieces. But for the warmer seasons, the watch feels very heavy and chunky on my wrist and the gold tone and dark brown background just doesn't look right as my wardrobe colors become softer and lighter.

This Spring, Rose Gold is very popular. Not only is it in trend, but it's also a very beautiful pink color. I love it and it's a perfect color for the warmer seasons! After a lot of "researching" through hundreds and hundreds of watches, I have narrowed it down to aTop 10!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Strap 33MM   175.00
Marci Strap 33MM I love Marc Jacobs! Those who have read myCrossbody Bags post can kind of tell.. (lol) I really like this one because of the rose gold on grey here and I do like that it has a leather strap, which would be a nice changefrom my Guess watch. The only thing I don't like about leather straps are the imprints and creases left after a little while. :/

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci 36MM  200.00
 I really like this one a lot. It is a little more on the expensive side of the 10 watches, but it's so purtyyyyyy :3. I love the rose tint, itspinker than most and it just looks so simple yet classy at the same time. The dialisn't too big or thick, so it won't be too heavy or chunky on my wrist.

AK Anne Klein Round Leather Strap Watch  95.00
 This one  is more of a light pink than rose gold I guess, but it's still a great color for warm weather nonetheless. What I like about this one is the part connecting the dial to the straps. It makes the watch look and probably feel smaller and it's gives a different style from most watches.

AK Anne Klein Round Roman Numeral Watch  65.00

  I love this combination of colors -- rose gold, mother of pearl, pink leather, and crystal. Just like the Round Leather Strap Watch, the part connecting the dial to the straps really caught my attention. The Roman Numerals makes the watch different and overall I think it's very elegant~ (And just look at the price! It's definitely worth it! :D)

Betsey Johnson Floral Dial Watch  75.00

 I am in loooooooove with this one! It's so... PRETTY :D. I love the florals (Flowers for Spring? How original, Evey. haha..) and the colors! I just don't like that the strap is white. Creases and scuffs are seen a lot more clearly on white.

Betsey Johnson 'Lots 'n' Lots of Time' Swirl Dial Watch  135.00
 This one is so whimsical! And it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland (lol). This watch is also available with a white band, which looks really nice!

AK Anne Klein Single Diamond Bracelet Watch  125.00

 This one isn't really my style.. it's a little too fancy for me, but I know other girls would love it. This strap gives a unique distinction from other watches.

AK Anne Klein Round Bracelet Watch  110.00

  Totally loving this bracelet strap! It's so thinand slender^.^

AK Anne Klein Crisscross Bracelet Watch  75.00

 Look at all the sparkly crystals! (lol) This watch has a very elegant look, and I really like the crisscross pattern, it gives the bracelet more definition. Also, the rectangular mother-of-pearl dial gives the watch a nice shape.

AK Anne Klein Charm Bracelet Watch  125.00

 It's funny, I just noticed that many of the watches are AK. This one is obviously very different. It's cute, fun, and a little girly! A bracelet with charms is perfect for the fun Summer season.

Well girls, those were the Top 10! Now for 2 Honorable Mentions:

Betsey Johnson Crystal case & Patent Leather Strap Watch  95.00

Animal print seems to be very "in trend" this Spring, particularly cheetah and leopard print! This watch is definitely fun and bold, depending on what you wear, it could really work. I really love it, especially the ''where the '4' should be.

La Mer Multi Chain Bracelet Watch (in Rose Gold/Beach Stones)  176.00

 This honorable mention is so cute! I love that ismulti chain and the contrast between the leather band next to the chain and beads. It looks like you're wearing a watch plus a bracelet. I'm just afraid that it would be too much for Spring/Summer in the heat, but it is a great combo!(:

I've seen some girls wear their watch with a Tiffany bracelet, which looks really cute o; !

So there you have it ladies! Time to decide which one I want to get for myself :3 Which one do you think I should get? Let me know, leave me a Rawrr!

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