Saturday, June 30, 2012

BBQ & Roccos Calamari!

Hi all!

Yesterday was super hot, but I ended up going to my friend's house for a BBQ. For once I was being served and didn't have to do anything :P! (lol)

Photo: bbq! 

I got so hungry walking to her house and I was so full after all those fishballs,chicken wings, and baby ribs.. mmmmmm^^! (lol) I felt like a fatty afterwards, but whatevs 'cause I didn't eat anything the whole day. (hehe..)


Today, I had lunch with a friend at Roccos Calamari. It's a really nice Italian place situated in Fort Hamilton. The calamari was freshly-made and super delicious!!^^ We also ordered the Hot Antipasto for two, which was also very yummy. Eggplant, Jumbo Shrimp, Baked Clams, and Baked Mushroom! Yum Yum! On the left is the Linguine with clams. It wasn't my fave and it tasted much better after I sprinkled lots of cheese on it because the sauce was too watery and it had a very heavy clam taste.. :/

I'm so tired after the long day of yummy food, clothing shopping, and a super exhausting walk to meet with my boss.. I think I'll go to bed now. Goodnight world! Tomorrow (or technically today..), July 1st is Canada's Independence Day (or so I've learned..), so I have an event to attend tomorrow night. Really looking forward to it! :D

Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation's Over + New Obsession, Boys Over Flowers F4!

Hi all!

I'm really sorry I haven't been updating. Our resort's wi-fi was terrible and when I got back, my work was all piled up. So in this next week or so, I'll share my Orlando adventure with you!(:

But first.. I have a new obsessionBoys Over Flowers' F4!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! It's like OMGOSHHH, how can I NOT have been obsessed with them before?! (LOL!) 


I can't. It's like OMGAHHHHHHHHH! (lol) 
Kim Jun, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Hyung Joong! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D!!!!!!!!!!
They're all so cute, tall, and have great smiles! Wahahaha... ^^
Such talented actors, it would be so cool to meet them!

More about my Orlando adventure soon. Happy Friday!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Orlando Adventure: Day One!

Hi all! 
Currently at La Guardia waiting to board my flight. Thank God for the awesome weather! :D All us girls are so excited, but this waiting is killing us >.< (lol) We should be boarding soon and then it'll only be a few hours before we get to Orlando!!!! Yayyyyy More to share later!<3

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Orlando Adventure: Night Before The Flight!

Hi all!

The trip is finally here! I'm leaving tomorrow morning Yayyy :D!!! Sleeping over at my friend's house and her dad is driving us to the airport in the AM. Her kitty cat is adorable, I'm going to leave a pic for you guys(:
Anyway, I tested out the color cons today and so far so good. I'll do a more thorough review later on when I've tried them out a little longer. Time for bed now! Goodnight all & thanks for following me on my Orlando adventure!^^

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Day Adventure: Dentist, Shopping, and Dinner With The Fam!

Hi all!

I am so tired, but I still have to pack for my trip! I'm currently surrounded by my massive checklist and clothes and such (lol). Since Delta has gone cheap and now requires me to have to pay $25 for check-in luggage, I've decided to just bring a carry-on. It's not that I'm cheap (if I really needed it, I would've paid for it), but I don't really need to and I can make do with a carry-on bag so why waste $25, right? Exactly!(: 

Well today's adventure required a lot of walking. First the dentist (yuck :/ but thank God there was this female assistant there who took me instead of my regular dentist. He's alright but a girl is usually more gentle and considerate), then I went shopping again (as promised! lol). I'll share my jewelry haul with you guys tomorrow! I also got my crossbody bag! FINALLY! (haha..) It'll be in pictures of my Orlando adventure as well so you'll see it then!^^ After shopping almost 4 long hours, I went for dinner with my family. I'll be in Florida on Father's Day (sorry, daddy!), so we celebrated today! I also got him a great card, which he'll get tomorrow! It's a funny card, I think he'll like it(; Here's a pic of my family dinner (@ XO in Chinatown): Yum Yum! 

So much has happened today (my color cons came in! I'll be testing them tomorrow and reviewing them sometime next week! :D) and I must resume packing now! More on my Orlando adventure later^^

Nail Polish Haul: Revlon & Sinful Colors!

Hi all!

This whole week has been a rush to prep for my trip. Yesterday, I took a trip to Duane Reade and I got a few more beautiful colors to add to my collection. 

Revlon's Strawberry Cream! It's the cutest pink color. It's reminds me of strawberry milkshakes^^ (hence the name lol) And guess what! It has a scent to it too. 

Sinful Color's Luminary! It's a pale peachy pink with sparkles-- a very nice color. 

Revlon Minted! I've been wanted to add this one to my collection for a few months now and I finally got it! Yay(: It's such a nice pastel, it'll be great for Summer. 

So that's my haul! I hope you guys enjoyed it^^. Stay tuned for my Orlando adventure!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shopping Haul: TJ Maxx!

Hi all!

I'm leaving for Orlando, Florida on Saturday with my gfs! I can't believe our trips is finally here!! We began planning this trip in October, so we've really been anticipating this Saturday to come. We have most of our itinerary planned, but there aremany things we want to do and so little time :( ! This is my first time in Orlando, so I'm starting to get really excited (though it hasn't fully sunk in yet). Since it's Summer and it will be very warm in Florida, I had to do a little shoppingSo I took a little visit to TJ Maxx yesterday and I am now officially a Maxxinista! ;D Here's some pics of my little haul:

There were so many dresses, but I've never been a dress type of girl because I'm always soactive, a dress is kind of inconvenient. But in Orlando, it'll be really hot so I decided to give the dresses a try. The first dress ($19.99), I really love the pattern of the skirt! I think it was supposed to come with a belt, but there wasn't one :(. The second piece($24.99) is wearable as a skirt or a dress. I'm usually not big on these types of skirts/dresses because I'm not a skinny girl, but when I really liked it after I tried it on. It wasn't too short as a dress and the material is very soft and flowy. I did spend a lot of time pondering this one because it is more expensive than I wanted. 

The shirt ($14.99) is super cute! They had different patterns, but I chose this one because of it's light colors. The straps are adjustable and the bow is a nice touchPerfect for work!(: To the right is the one piece that I knew I definitely was buying. They'redress pants ($14.99) that are flowy so it looks a little like a skirt! They're SUPER comfy and the little folding detail around the waist adds a touch of elegance. (Sorry for the not-so-good photos, it was terrible lighting.) 

I know these aren't clothes, but I really wanted to show you guys the ice cream pop thingies I got! It was only $6.99 and basically I can fill the top part with ice cream and freeze it so that I can have my ice cream on the cone or I can freeze juice and have a nice"ice cream" popsicle! :D

The treats on the right are for my best friend's dog. I love my Pazu baby to death, but they never buy him treats. I'm always the one buying and giving him treats. My poor baby.. he should live with me instead ;p. Next time I'll post a great pic I edited of him. He looks so cuuuuuute!^^

That's all for my first clothing shopping haul! I might go shopping again on Thursday morning or Friday night (right before the trip :p). I'll be taking you guys on the trip with me and keep you posted with lots of pics of my Orlando adventure! So stay tuned! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

BookExpo Day 3: Last Day!

Hi all!

Oh man.. I think I pulled a few shoulder muscles and broke my left arm or something because my shoulders hurt so much and my left elbow joint feels like pins are poking at it (I don't know how I'm even typing.. the things I do for this blog -smh- lol). Anyway, today was the last day of BookExpo America! Considering this was my first year there, I think it was overall pretty darn AMAZING! Here's a few pics to share:

So today was a little crazy.. I got lost looking for my dentist's office, which made me latefor my appointment and then I had to reschedule it. Meaning I went to the office for no reason (-.-), but yeah.. I really don't like the dentist :T Tell me, how an Asian girl can get lost in freaking Chinatown!? (LOL, fail much?) Anyway, I had to get a drink because it was just so hot out today! I stopped by a Chinese bakery and got my honey water w/ lemon (my fave!<3), then off I went, back to the Expo! Oh and there was some guy on the train with Champagne bottle balloons.. The pic's a little fuzzy because I didn't want to seem like a creep taking his picture.. (lol).

Today was a little different for me. Yesterday, I was there to help Life's Spring! Today, I was there as an editorial assistant! Yay :D I got my own badge, with my own name. Thanks to Terry Maloney (the great guy I met yesterday)! I was so proud ^.^ On the left, I took a pic of the Press private area. They had little tables set up, coffee, tea, water, cookies, brownies, strawberries, lemonade, some freebies, and computers for our use. It was pretty cool! On the right, I was waiting for the shuttle bus to leave. BEA organized shuttle buses that would drop you off at various hotels where most of the exhibitors and guests were staying. I took the one that dropped me off two streets from my house.Hooray for living in Manhattan!(;

Look at all the stuff I got!!!! I had to carry all of that home today. This is why my shoulders are so tense and my left arm feels broken! (lol.. ouches) But I do have some pretty cool stuff in this pile; maybe I'll review some books for you guys^^. Most of them are Advanced Reader or Review copies, so they might not be on the market yet (but will be soon)! And man.. when I got off the shuttle, it was starting to downpour.Thank God I was smart enough to pack an umbrella and that it was only twostreets! 

Alrighty, well it's time for bed now^.^. Goodnight all!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi all!

Yes, it's weekend! :D Today was definitely quite interesting. I slept in because my body was still all very sore from yesterday's book-carrying. Then God gave me another great gift! A DOUBLE RAINBOW!^^ Have you ever seen one before? It's quite beautiful and very cool. 


Busy Busy Wednesday: BookExpo America!

Hi all!
I can't even express what an amazing day I had today. I am so tired, but I really wanted to share my experience with you guys. Today I had the chance to visit the BookExpo America at the Jacob Javits Center. It was by far.. THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE in the NYC (or ever)!!!!! I saw so many publishers and books I grew up with, like American GirlCaptain UnderpantsGoosebumps. It was so awesome to be able to see it all in one place, meet some publishers, and authors. Here's some pics to share:

This year is the 20th Anniversary of Goosebumps, so Scholastic's booth had a'Cake with R.L. Stine' event. Congratulations!!! I missed the morning book signing, but I was still able to get the book AND get a photo with R.L. Stine himself! I was soooooexcited! I grew up reading Goosebumps, and I even remember writingstories in Elementary school following his book layouts. I got a little emotional there (haha)..

So I was on a line at a booth waiting to get a new book that was debuting and some finger food they were serving, and behind me this guy says something, so I cracked a joke. It led to a whole conversation and now I'm apparently his new assistant! (lol) It turns out that he isTerry Maloney, from He's a very cool guy, very funny too. He got us into a nice after-party event :D. 


They were serving mashed potatoes in a cocktail cup! Haha.. It was so cute! You get to choose between 3 mashed potatoes, then you pick whatever little toppings you want, and lastly you pick between 2 gravies. Oh man.. it was so delicious! On the right is the lovely Grand Central Station ^.^. It's just so grand.. and sopretty.. (lol).

That's all I have for today. I got so many books, it's crazy. Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment in the AM (boohoo!), but afterwards it's back to the BookExpo and maybe work as well..   -sigh- 
Anyways, have a great night! Or morning.. or afternoon.. depending on where you are (lol). 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NY Book & Media Week!

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday (practically Wednesday lol)!

If you didn't know, this week is actually New York Book & Media Week! And tomorrow, I get to visit the BookExpo America in the Jacob Javits Center! Yayyyyyyyyyy! I can't wait! Omgosh, I'm just too excited. Among all the wonderful publishers who will be there with booths, a selected group of authors will be having autograph sessionsR.L. StineDav Pilkey, and Eoin Colfer, just to name my faves! I really hope they don't run out of tickets before I get there :( because the session has a limited amount of tickets. I grew up with Goosebumps and Captain Underpants! And Artemis Fowl came into play in JHS and HS. I would LOVE to meet the authors! I'm going to have to dress up all business-y and professional, but end up squealing like a little girl when I meet them x: (haha.. this is going to be a sight to see!)

At the same time, this is also the week of the New Blog and Media Expo. Also at the Javits Center! Unfortunately, I have no connections there so I probably won't get it :(. It would have been kind of cool to learn from the top! Oh well..

Anyway, for this week, there are little events happening in some bookstores and such, so go and check them out! And if you're going to be at the BookExpo, come stop my affiliate's table, Life's Spring! We have Chinese and English books, mostly Christian hymnals and Spiritual books.(:

It's so sad that so many young people dislike reading. I love movies too, but reading is so much fun. It's really a different feeling to hold that book in your hand and physically turn the page. It's completely different from a movie, where all emotions and actions are set out for you. When you read a book, you take the author's words and vision, and you can envision the whole story in your head. The amazing thing is that everyone can read the same book, but have a different feeling or perspective. That's the difference between a book and a movie.

So catch the opportunity and check out some of the events! They're definitely going to be pretty cool ^.^

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Randoms: A Pigeon, Spiderman, Horsey, Korean Food, & Jamba Juice! Whoo!

Hi all!

I woke up early this morning to go to my friend's graduation. (-sigh- I am not a morning person.. AT ALL..) But anyway, Woot! Congrats to the Class of 2012! After the graduation, I kept (immediately) running into people I knew (all unplanned!), so it became a very interesting day(: Here's some random pics:

My friend's graduation was at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan and when we were leaving, I saw a pigeon walking around, strutting it's stuff. (lol) And right outside the 39th Street exitSpiderman himself hung on the huge building wall! Who's watching this movie in July? (I actually like the previous actor more :/)

When all (very long & not all interesting..) speeches were made, caps were thrown, and pictures (a lot of them) were taken, we journeyed to 32nd Street, Koreatown, for a late lunch. Everybody was starving! (including me.. lol) OH! It was 3PM already (Yeesh!), and while we were passing 34th Street, I saw this giant tennis racket :D.

OMG nomnomnom.. We finally made it to the Korean food court in 32nd Street (Ktown) and my noodles were so yummy ^.^!!!! The left half is a dry noodle with a sauteed black bean and onion sauce. The right half is a spicy shrimp and veggie soup with noodles. Both sides are my favorites! (I know, that didn't make sense lol) I love this dish so much!! :D Next to it is the Korean sushi I "stole" from my friend (hehe..). It was alright, not too bad, but not amazing either.

After lunch, it so happened that a good friend of mine was around my neighborhood, so we met up for some drinks and just to catch up. First, we were going to Starbucks, but there were so many people! We ended up going to the food court in Whole Foods, in the lower level of the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. We grabbed some Jamba Juice and sat down to chat. I ordered the new Watermelon Splasher, but the girl made me a Strawberry Banana one.. :( Oh well.. 

They now have a cute blue dog welcoming you in front of the main entrance (lol). It reminded me of Blue's Clues so I took a pic for you guys! So that was my start of the week. Despite today's (kind of) crappy weather, it turned out to be a pretty good day^.^ 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Online Shopping: Lotsa Deals!

Hi all!

I just wanted to share a few great shopping deals I found ^.^!

1.Take 20% off your entire purchase at Delia's with this code: DDG2
It started yesterday and it expires June 14th!

2. $20 off for every $75 you spend at Hollister. Promo code: 31556
Ends tomorrow, June 4th!

3. $50 off your $150 purchase. Online only at Abercrombie & Fitch. Promo code: 15416
Ends tomorrow, June 4th!

4. Up to 80% off Clearance - New Styles Added at Swimsuits For All. No promo code needed.
Expires June 15th! Also, they're doing a 2-Day promo, take an extra $5 off allswimsuits. Ends tomorrow, June 4th

5. 20% off Juicy Couture! Promo code: BEACH20
It ends June 10th!

6. Last, but not least is Bobbi Brown! Get a free mini crystal lip gloss plusfree shipping with any order. Promo Code: 12SKIN05
This ends June 15th!

Just a few deals I stumbled upon, hopefully they were what you needed. Happy shopping!(:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Saturday Brunch: Alice's Tea Cup!

Hi all!

Today, my best girlfriends and I had a wonderful brunch/afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup (Chapter II, on the Upper East Side in Manhattan). Everything was so cute and sonice; we had soooooooo much fun! Birthday shout out to my girl, Amirah! Happy 21st Birthday, hun! Love ya! I won't say too much now, just wanted to share some pics with you guys ;) :

We had to wait an hour and a half for our table because we didn't have reservations. Tips:Make a reservation! They're very popular, especially on weekends, so you will have to wait a while, but it's sooo worth it! Also, if you have less than 6 in your party, go early! They only allow reservations for 6+ on weekends, weekdays are okay
On the left are the super cute mushroom earrings I found in Anna Belen, where we shopped while waiting for our table. They're so cute! I also got an adorable gold anklet with colorful beads and a little cloudy white butterfly clip. I'll share them next time ^^. The wall seats were beautiful with the soft purple pattern (I love purple!) and little purple cushions (so cute!).

I ordered the Bai Hao Oolong tea from Taiwan, which was delicious! And two of my girlfriends shared this afternoon tea set. It's adorable! It's a set for two; with 2 scones, eggs, yogurt with granola, and 2 pots of tea. You pick your own tea and they have anamazing collection of them. There are so many choices, it's unbelievable


My lovely Grilled Steak Salad was so yummy! I usually do not like those type of greens, but the dressing was a Sweet Chili sauce and it was so good that I ate most of the salad. I really couldn't finish this, it was so filling! My two other girls ordered the 'Alice's Hamburger' with goat cheese, which she claimed "blew her mind" and the BLT on pumpernickel, which was unique and very delicious (not to mention, all the bacon was cooked perfectly!). On the right are the 'Alice's Cookies' that I brought home for my family to enjoy. A few chocolate chip, sugar, vanilla with sprinkle, and cranberry & white chocolate. Very cute and pretty yummy (a little sweet for my taste though). 

Even though I was full from my salad, of course I had room for dessert! (haha..) First is the 'Queen of Hearts Lemon Tart', which was awesome! It was sweet from the berries and cream, but tangy and sour from the lemon.. so good.. (lol). On the right is the 'White Rabbit Dark Chocolate Mousse'. Anybody who loves chocolate wouldlove this dessert! It was incredibly chocolatey and so sweet with a little bit of the crunchies from the sprinkles. 

Well that's all my wonderful pics to share. Our waitress was great and we stayed there,eating and chatting for hours (lol). It was an awesome brunch & we'll definitely go back again sometime(^.~). Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Have a great rest of the weekend, darlings!

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Tea Time, Darling!

Hi my dear Mad-hatters!

I'm so excited for tomorrow! It's one of my best girlfriend's 21st birthday and we're going out for brunch at Manhattan's Alice's Tea Cup. Yayyyyy! I've always wanted to go and I've heard so many good things about it, I cant wait to try it out. I'll post more about it tomorrow! It's definitely going to be great ^.^

Happy Friday!(: