Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Day Adventure: Dentist, Shopping, and Dinner With The Fam!

Hi all!

I am so tired, but I still have to pack for my trip! I'm currently surrounded by my massive checklist and clothes and such (lol). Since Delta has gone cheap and now requires me to have to pay $25 for check-in luggage, I've decided to just bring a carry-on. It's not that I'm cheap (if I really needed it, I would've paid for it), but I don't really need to and I can make do with a carry-on bag so why waste $25, right? Exactly!(: 

Well today's adventure required a lot of walking. First the dentist (yuck :/ but thank God there was this female assistant there who took me instead of my regular dentist. He's alright but a girl is usually more gentle and considerate), then I went shopping again (as promised! lol). I'll share my jewelry haul with you guys tomorrow! I also got my crossbody bag! FINALLY! (haha..) It'll be in pictures of my Orlando adventure as well so you'll see it then!^^ After shopping almost 4 long hours, I went for dinner with my family. I'll be in Florida on Father's Day (sorry, daddy!), so we celebrated today! I also got him a great card, which he'll get tomorrow! It's a funny card, I think he'll like it(; Here's a pic of my family dinner (@ XO in Chinatown): Yum Yum! 

So much has happened today (my color cons came in! I'll be testing them tomorrow and reviewing them sometime next week! :D) and I must resume packing now! More on my Orlando adventure later^^

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